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  Undjovo Hunting Safaris

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Namibia Marine Life

Westcoast Steenbras

Greyish-silver body with 7 to 9 crossbars on the flanks and a pale belly. Max size: 100cm. Max weight: 19.3kg.


The colours vary from almost completely black in the sea to silver-bronze in sandy areas.

White Sea Catfish

Overall dusky-brown, although slightly darker above and white undersides. The fins are dark to black, the barbels are pale. Max size: 55cm. Max weight: 3.8kg.


Silvery overall body with a pearly-pink sheen on the head, flanks and dorsal surfaces. When viewed underwater a row of silver 'portholes' can be admired on the lateral line. The fins are a dusky colour. Max size: 200cm. Max weight: 73kg.

Sixgill Cowshark

 A brown-grey body, with light-coloured stripes down the side. Average length is around 4.8m.

Great White Shark

 A (massive) dark grey body with white underparts. Average length 7m


A brown body with dark markings in the upper half. Adult can reach 3.9m in length and weigh up to 120kg (quite light compared to other sharks). At birth, sand sharks are already 1m long.

Spotted Gully Sharks

Can be identified by black spots on the body. Grow up to 40kg.

Thintail Thresher Shark

Brownish-blue body, with a white underneath extending over the pectoral fins. The average length is around 6m.

Coppershark (Bronzie)
A coppery sheen (hence the name) extending along the top and sides of the body.

Max size: 300cm. Max weight: 192kg.

Blacktail Fish

A white fish with a black spot just before the tail starts. Adults can reach 45cm long and weigh as much as 3kg.