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Angola Freshwater Fish Gallery


Carb is a variable from olive brown to rich brazen gold, fins are dark grey. An extremely large freshwater fish they can grow to around 24kg in southern Africa.

Cave Catfish

Pale fleshy white with yellowish extremities. Standard length is around 161mm.

Sharptooth Catfish

Varies from black to light brown with white underparts. Attains a standard length of around 1.4m and a weight of 59kg.

Otjikoto Tilapia

Individuals vary in unusual colours in olive green with dark vertical bars and red streaked fins to a more uniform black of vivid white, blue, yellow and black. A black throat, abdomen and anal fin are characteristic of breeding females. Can attain a total length of 14

Smallmouth Yellowfish


Silvery with dark blotches when juvenile, with the blotches disappearing gradually into adulthood. Adults become golden olive-bronze above, cream below. The anal fin has an orange tinge. Males reach about 200mm standard size and females 240mm.


Olive to bright green, with a deep olive band along the mid-body. The fins are olive, with yellow-orange markings and the anal fin of males with orange egg-spots.  Up to 450mm in length and they can weigh up to 3.5kg

Largemouth Yellowfish

They are silvery when young, turning olive grey or light olive yellow in adults. Females are known to grow larger than males with a maximum recorded size of 22kg and 825mm full length.

Largemouth Bass

Olive green above, light green on flanks, lower half of head and abdomen white. There is a connected series of short, dark olive-green vertical bars forming an irregular band across the body. Total length for male and female reaches 600mm with an average weight of ± 5kg.


A striking colour of a silvery head and body, with a bluish sheen on the back and a series of parallel longitudinal black stripes. Females grow to a full length of above 700mm, but males only 500mm full length. Weight is up to around 5.5kg. Newly hatched fry are around 10mm long.

African Pike

Has a rich brassy olive with dark brown blotches and cream underparts. The fins have black spots, the adipose fin (the smallest of the back fins) is orange with black spots and 3 brown bands are evident behind the eye.  Females become larger than males reaching 450mm full length (similar to the nembwe) and about 2kg (smaller than