Undjovo Hunting Safaris

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African Elephant

  Undjovo Hunting Safaris

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Andrè Bennett

As a young boy growing up in Namibia, spending time with my father in the bushveld hunting, I considered this being the best times of my childhood. This is where my love for hunting and the thrills of nature began. As a young adult I could not think of a better career than doing what I loved most. But not much has changed since then if anything my passion for what I do has just grown over the years.

Staring as a freshly out of school young boy even though I thought I was rather grown-up, I found myself working for the bare minimum on a farm about 200 km form my home town. This is where I started my training to become a Professional Hunter and quickly learnt what hard work went in to this passion of mine. Sins then I have worked my way up to becoming a Big Game Professional Hunter which is the biggest achievement of my professional live.

I found that the big thrills are in hunting Big Game and also my personal favourite the Leopard. I am also aware of the miss perception people have about hunting and that they think that we only love the adrenalin rush of the kill, but it is so much more. Having more than 12 years of experience in hunting, not a lot of people can say they have been as close to an elephant towering over the tree tops as I have or that they have felt the trembling of the earth beneath your feet as a buffalo charges and that their hearts have skipped a few beats when you hear the growling of a Leopard just a few feet away. When you move this close to nature and all the beauty it has to offer you learn not just to love the Hunt but everything that goes with it. Unlike your every day Joe we as Hunters see and appreciate the beauty of every animal we pursue. I also share this passion for the animals with Hunters world wide showing them how amazing it is to experience each animal in their natural habitat. Having hunted in all areas of Namibia from the very tip of the Caprivi down to the Kalahari. I take pride in the experience that I give hunters that have chosen to come and share the beauty of what our beautiful Namibia and also our neighbouring African countries have to offer.

I have been blessed with two boys of my own and like my father did for me I will show and teach them how to be passionate about nature and all its glories. Sharing my knowledge and love for hunting with them I consider to be a God given privilege. As is sharing this with my clients and by the time they leave for home I consider them new friends.